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You don’t need a hot tub time machine to go back to when your hot tub was working properly.

The Crew at Jonny’s Hot Tub will get it back into tip-top shape.

Jonny’s Hot Tub Service has been servicing Saskatchewan for 7 years. The crew has a combined experience of over 35 years in Hot Tub repair.

Authorized Hot Tub Warranty Services

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We offer a professional repair service for your hot tub.

Jonny’s Hot Tub Service crew has vast experience and knowledge with all brands of hot tubs. We offer fair pricing and assure you your hot tub will be fixed quickly and efficiently.

we understand you want to get your hot tub repaired and back up and running as soon as possible.

Our store is open from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday. We are also open 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday.

We have all the Chemicals, filters, accessories, covers, jets and parts you will need to keep your tub hot and enjoyable. We try to stock most parts for most makes and models, if we don’t have it, we can get it… fast! We have a large network of suppliers and distributors to ensure all our customers can get the correct parts for any tub.

Our shop is well equipped and we are able to offer filter cleaning and water testing, as well we have the equipment to do full pack and component testing and repair. We also have a full pressure pump test bench to do pump repair and testing.

Hot Tub Repair Regina


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Hot Tub Covers Regina

Hot Tub Covers

Jonny’s Hot Tub offers a variety of hot tub covers for many different brands of hot tubs.

Hot Tub Covers help keep the heat in. When a hot tub is left open, the heating system has to work harder.

A cover will also debris out when your hot tub is not being used. They also improve safety by preventing children, pets and wildlife out.

Hot Tub Checmicals Regina

Hot Tub Chemicals

If you have a hot tub or spa, then you need chemicals.

Chemicals to disinfect and sanitize the water and control the growth of harmful algae and bacteria.

If you are new to the hot tub world. Your challenge will be finding the right balance of chemicals. Using the right balance of bromine, chlorine and other spa chemicals is important to ensure your water stays clear and safe.

Hot Tub Accessories

Jonny’s Hot tub offers a wide range of hot tub accessories. Including but not limited to spa vacuum, remotes, temperature gauges, spa pillows, seat cushions, rubber ducks, games and more.

Do you just sit in your tub? Take your tub experience up a notch or two.


We Warranty our Parts & Service

Jonny’s Hot Tub Service has been servicing Saskatchewan for 7 years. The crew has a combined experience of over 35 years in Hot Tub repair.

We focus on being professional and bring the tools and attitude to do the job the right way.

We do not aim to be the cheapest… we aim to be the best!

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Hot Tub Pump Test


No jets or water movement in your hot tub? Sounds like a hot tub pump issue.

Book a service call with our techs and they will come out and test your hot tub pump. We can either fix the pump or order and install a new one.

Hot Tub Filter Cleaning


Your filter should be rinsed regularly, about twice a month. Based on your hot tub usage and climate.

However, your hot tub filter should be deep-cleaned regularly.  Again based on overall usage. This can be done until the filter ultimately needs to be replaced. We offer a deep-cleaning service.

A clean filter will cause less stress on the equipment.

Hot Tub System Testing


Your hot tub has many components. Including the controls for jets, pumps, blowers, heating, and lighting. To any audio or even video components on higher-end models.

Jonny’s Hot Tub Service will come to test your entire system to make sure all components are running at optimal levels.

Hot Tub Chemical Testing


One of the most important responsibilities in hot tub ownership is to test the water on a semi-regular basis. This will ensure the chemical balance is at its optimal point.

Both for your safety and to prevent damage to your hot tub. If you would like some professional help, we can come and test it for you.

Hot Tub Heater Testing


No heat in your hot tub? Sounds like a heater element issue. No worries, our techs can come out and run tests and determine the issue.

On average a heater element will last about 5 years, depending on the how often the hot tub is used.

Hot Tub New Used Parts


Searching for hot tub parts? Contact us, we stock both new and used hot tub parts. If we don’t have it in, we can order it for you from our network of suppliers.

We can even install the parts for you. You won’t get that level of service from some online parts company.

Talk With an Expert!

Our professional staff is committed to ensuring you get a fair price and the correct repairs the first time…every time. Call or Email us to ask your questions. We will let you know what is wrong and help with a solution.

Google Reviews of Jonny’s Hot Tub Service

Customer Testimonials

Best customer service I have had in ages. JR fixed up my tub and it cost me a fraction of what I thought it would. Very professional, flexible and quick.

Don’t know why I waited so long to get my tub fixed. PLUS they offered 10% off for first responders so I saved another good chunk of change as a result. Highly recommend!

Bryce Milleker

Google Review

The service at this shop is second to none.

I bought a home with a 20+-year-old hot tub and servicing that thing was challenging as I have 0 skills in plumbing or as an electrician. Rob at Johnny’s laid out what needed to be done clearly, and efficiently and let me call him with questions.

Refurbished that tub for just under $200 in parts and chemicals. Unbelievably great service as other shops just wanted to charge to come to have a look and sell me stuff I didn’t need.

Michael Offet

Google Review

Went to these guys for a used part, they helped me out with great enthusiasm. I had a problem with the pump I got and called them he said no problem I will rebuild one for you to come and swap out when you can.

These guys are great!  Highly recommend Jonny’s [Hot Tub] for all your hot tub needs. Can’t praise them enough very pleased great job guy’s thumbs up

Danny Morris

Google Review

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Jonny’s Hot tub offers the best warranty in the industry on parts and labour.

Year Round Service

We live in Saskatchewan but that doesn’t stop a lot of people from enjoying their hot tubs year-round. Here at Jonny’s Hot Tub Service, we know that and we are here for you. Both on the good days and the cold days.

Authorized Hot Tub Warranty Services

We are Authorized to provide Warranty Services for many hot tub companies such as:

We also provide service for ANY other spa in the market. These companies have trusted us to take care of their customers and we work hard to live up to their expectations!
Hot Tub Service Companies Jonnys Regina
Hot Tub Service Companies Jonnys Regina

Jonny’s Hot Tub Service is your one-stop-shop for all your hot tub needs!  From service and repair to accessories and chemicals.

Everything you need to keep your hot tub or spa running at peak performance.


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Regina, Moose Jaw, Lumsden, Pilot Butte, Grand Coulee, White City, Emerald Park.

If you need your hot tub/spa serviced and live outside our service area we can arrange service.



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